The Insane Journey

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Print this story. AP A news release from the Liangshan prefectural government that oversees the county said a set of stairs would be built as a stop-gap measure while officials consider a longer-term solution. Famous events and memorable moments through the years in words, pictures and video.

Most DANGEROUS The Voice performance in history? - Journey #29

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Platt is a delightfully chatty performer at the London gig, his first outside the US; there are charming traces of musical theatre in his stage presence — a little Flashdance dip here, a Fosse-style hand flick there. It seems that, while the swathes of teenage fans came for the angst of Dear Evan Hansen, they have stayed for the authenticity of Platt.

It is a quality any politician would kill to have. Might a career in politics hold any appeal? An Evan Hansen film is planned, with his father producing, and while Platt appears most likely to star, he is not officially attached to the movie.


He would be happy for the role to go to his brother, Jonah, who has already played it on Broadway — or, failing that, Harry Styles. So, Styles is his Fiyero, then?

He says he will be back performing in the UK at some point, which hopefully means more tales like the one when his parents used a McFlurry to bribe him to join in football practice. Frankly, what the world needs now is more Ben Platt. Sign in Edit Account Sign Out.

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