Tennis: Winning the Mental Match

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For example, he suggests that our on-court body language makes a difference — in terms of winning and impact on our opponent.

Tennis Tactics - How To Play Smart In Matches

If you fear [your opponent], they feel brave; if you show them they are hurting you, they feel strong; if you appear certain, they will feel uncertain; if you dismiss their efforts, they will feel weak. So if you appear strong, confident, and impervious to their efforts, your opponent will tend to feel weak and ineffectual.

How to Beat Idols in Tennis

Here is a short list of ten 10 mental tennis ideas and concepts in the book worthy of consideration and study. Tennis is an intensely emotional game. The goal is to manage these emotions. Your emotion rules every point. Thus, the trick is to maximize positive emotion before every point. The primary question for players to pose, and the cause of stress is: What does winning and losing mean to me? Fox admonishes us that tennis is a game, and to treat it as a game and simply enjoy it. Stress also comes from people attempting to control the uncontrollable.

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Success Thank you for signing up! From to years all sports community was exited by his incredible talent. By the way Dr. At the Summer Universiade, Budapeset had a one bronze medal for single and gold for double. By graduated a psychology university and his huge experience he know about mental state of the player all and more. All of people fear to lose.

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The most are giving up and never try again. Another want to grown up so fight with their fears and play and the double energy to just plain wore.

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Players based of their physicals possibility and forgot about clear mind and good mental state. You would never be focused on the game. You would see a tennis court, you would see your opponent and be more angry for him by every lose. By this more and more it would shoot down from the winning path.

Tennis:Winning the Mental Match

To be calm. Sport game only a game. This motivation would be at the first place. The most important part of all games understanding that it is game. Not at the winning is an implication. To be a great you must be the part of game.