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Session 1: Security, Law and Non-Binding Norms in Space: From Peace to Conflict

What is needed is a comprehensive rediscovery of the idea of public space; and then, its concerted defence against the forces which would squash it out of existence. This piece first appeared in the Architectural Review. That's just the tip of the iceberg: we've got many more leads to chase down. Find out more and support our work here. If you have any queries about republishing please contact us.


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Space Security Law - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Planetary Science

Share via email. Furthermore, I am hopeful that such an organization will emerge, with time, and that there will be a genuine interest and impetus amongst the public and private sectors to use it. If they do so, they will help to make international law stronger in cyberspace, even in the face of state-sponsored cyberattacks. If that happens then the world will have taken an important step towards making cyberspace a safer and more stable place.

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The Tshwane Principles on National Security and the Right to Information: An Overview in 15 Points

March 27, Filling the gaps in international law is essential to making cyberspace a safer place Paul Nicholas Senior Director, Digital Trust. The greatest challenge is that when it comes to dealing with cyber threats the world currently lacks: A place where victims of nation-state or state-sponsored cyberattacks are able to go to get help after an incident has occurred; A standing body or registry that enables ongoing learning about the known threats to people and infrastructure, as well as their corresponding responses; A common basis for judging not just if international law has been violated but how; A consistent basis for the use of international law in prevention of cyberattacks and for enforcement of law following such attacks.

Our annual course on the Future of Outer Space offers a stimulating environment, drawing on knowledge from high-level academics, the experience of senior practitioners, and input from professional participants, which will enable you and your peers to engage with a challenging topic that is critical to global security.

It includes sessions led by international experts on the following topics:.

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  • The Tshwane Principles on National Security and the Right to Information: An Overview in 15 Points.

Prof Al-Rodhan began his career in neuroscience and neurosurgery before shifting to the field of Global Security and International Relations IR in the early s. He holds an M. Al-Rodhan sustainablehistory. C hristine Garnier Simon. Research Assistant. Ioana Puscas. Research Officer. Mirjam Schuler. Junior Programme Officer.