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The most widely used detector tester, the Solo works with Solo A5, A10 and A10S smoke detector test aerosols to deliver fast, functional testing of smoke detectors. Designed specifically for use within the Solo , the Solo A5 smoke detector tester aerosol replicates smoke particles for function testing of smoke detectors.

Designed specifically for use within the Solo , the Solo A10 non-flammable smoke detector tester aerosol replicates smoke particles for function testing of smoke detectors. The Solo is designed specifically for the purpose of testing heat detectors — ensuring a safe and reliable test when required. The Solo detector removal tool is designed for universal use to meet the challenge of removing and installing fire detectors.

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Solo test heads connect to telescopic access poles to allow testing and maintenance of smoke, heat and CO detectors to take place. Once the relevant test head is connected, the pole can be raised and testing carried out.

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The telescopic poles allow access to heights of up to 9 metres making for easy and professional functional testing and removal of detectors. As well as the test heads, a range of accessories are available including a detector duster, spare chargers and storage bags.

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A full ranges of kits are also available and the telescopic poles are also compatible with the Testifire and Trutest product ranges. The information that you have supplied will be used by us to keep you up to date with news, exhibitions, events, training and special offers. We will not share your details with any other company or institution.

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Used by thousands of fire system maintenance companies and individuals worldwide to ensure smoke , heat and CO detectors are fit for purpose, ready to activate in the event of a fire. Solo Smoke Detector Tester. Suitable for:. Matt Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of Lawmatics, talks about the software solutions they offer lawyers for streamlining the processes of customer relationship management.

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In the second part of this two part series, Adriana Linares talks to a panel of solo attorneys about the many challenges of being a solo lawyer and offer practical guidance to solos on a variety of topics. In the first part of this two part series, Adriana Linares talks to a panel of solo attorneys about the many challenges of being a solo lawyer and offer practical guidance to solos on a variety of topics. Taylor Darcy talks about why he chose to go solo and the technology that has helped make his practice successful. Renee Thompson and Zack Zuroweste talk about how law firms can prepare for and recover from natural disasters.

Greg McLawsen talks about the life of the nomadic attorney and shares how he built his law firm around his desire to travel.

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  • Bill Galione talks about how he combined research, personal interest, and passion to establish a niche within personal injury law. Barbara talks about how to separate effectively after sharing an office with another firm.

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    Additionally, She gives tips on hiring and what she does to make a supportive and creative work environment for her coworkers. Guest Joe Patrice talks about what it really looks like to switch from Windows to Mac and the advantages and disadvantages of using tablets for your business.

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    • Andrew LeGrand discusses the ins and outs of using newsletters as a marketing strategy for your legal business. In this legal podcast, Allan Mackenzie discusses how to use Microsoft Word effectively, including tips and tricks you can put into practice right now. Jeff Alford talks about why he chose to set up shop in small-town Kentucky and what technology he uses to help his practice thrive. This legal podcast dives into topics like bar association benefits, outsourcing IT support, and transitioning from large firms to solo practices.

      This legal podcast covers the different tools Microsoft provides and how they lend themselves to a successful law firm. Three solo professionals talk about their experiences running their own solo law firms and advice for those thinking about doing the same.

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      Nate Cade talks about his experiences leaving a large law firm and starting his own solo practice. Mary Vandenack talks about her six simple steps for any lawyer looking to successfully implement alternative billing methods in their law practice. As attorneys graduate and head into the legal marketplace, or leave a law firm to start a solo practice, it can be hard to know where to find resources with tips on starting your new career. What are the most important things that a newly solo practitioner should know? What are some best practices for Together they discuss the cost savings, benefits, and logistics of splitting office resources.

      Through mutual trust, compromise, and similar views on work-life balance, these lawyers are achieving the strengths of partnership without losing the privilege In fact, advertising on T. So what should solos expect with these ads and how can we optimize the return on investment? In the previous episode of New Solo, Adriana Linares interviewed Andrew LeGrand, a lawyer who has a largely automated practice, about Text Expansion and forms to increase efficiency for lawyers.

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      Because automation is such an enormous topic, Adriana invited Andrew back to discuss more in-depth systems and tools to avoid wasting time on menial tasks Automation is a wonderful tool created by technology to make the lives of lawyers particularly solos easier. How, you ask? In first of a Everybody online seems to be talking about Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and even using Instagram, Pinterest, and Slideshare to market companies and firms of all sizes.

      But what does a successful social media campaign look like? And what One of the most important steps in starting a solo practice is marketing. This can also be one of the most difficult, because these lawyers depended on their previous firm for incoming business. Since solo lawyers have smaller budgets than large law firms, A lean or similarly called agile law practice is one that prioritizes the delivery of a valuable project or service early and often. In order to do this, a law practice must create a system that improves time efficiency by removing excess waste. When a lawyer applies these lean processes to his or her workflow, In the last episode of New Solo, we heard about how Michael Downey left his big law firm to start a solo practice.

      David Sparks is a lawyer and self-identified geek who left his small firm of three attorneys Many lawyers are considering the option of becoming a solo practitioner. But even with all of the blogs, articles, and advice from colleagues and friends about certain aspects of running a solo practice, many attorneys still struggle with the big picture.