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Combining the art of dramatic storytelling with biography, Church history, and Catholic teaching, Marie Paul Curley and Mary Lea Hill show us how to live a Christian life through the example of holy—yet relatable—men and women who have lived the gospel. Teachers and students of the faith, as well as individuals who are simply looking for captivating stories to read will find these stories educational and enjoyable. For each saint included in the text, you can find their biographical portrait, along with a prayer, a fact box, notes, and a quote from their writings.

Marie Paul Curley is a sister in the Daughters of St. Mary Lea Hill is a sister in the Daughters of St. Series 2 vols. Format: Digital. Be the first to rate this.

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Overview The two volumes of the Saints Alive! A beautiful compendium of the amazing stories of the great heroes and heroines of our faith, combined with personal reflections and prayers not to mention resources for group discussions and private meditation. The Gospel Witnessed and its companion, Saints Alive! The Faith Proclaimed. This book is not just a true representation of the universality of the Church, but also a practical guide to living the Gospel. These exciting stories of real people show that living the Gospel is possible and that we too can be saints who witness the Gospel through our day-to-day living.

Product Details Title: Saints Alive! Series: Saints Alive! Individual Titles Saints Alive! The Gospel Witnessed Saints Alive! Saints Alive! The holy men and women, whose lives are told throughout this book, witness to the fact that the word of God is alive and has the power to transform us.

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By discovering these saints, readers will learn how to embody Scripture, letting it enlarge their hearts and mold their lives into the image of Christ. Binz, author, Threshold Bible Study. The saints show us that being a baptized Christian means living as a new creation, rejoicing in a life radically different from the status quo of the world. All the holy people, whose lives fill this book, show readers how to let the grace of God in the sacraments create their lives anew.

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Saints Alive Gospel Witness

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