Racism, the City and the State

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Eight panelists share when they first experienced racism, what they love about being Black and more at a Feb. Like Primous, other panelists said they too feel like outsiders in Utah.

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Some are the only African American in their workplace and feel they have to act as ambassadors for people of color. Others described the exhaustion of being treated like tokens or having to constantly explain their culture, and what is acceptable to say about them, their community and culture. At the event, she asked the panelists about their first time encountering racism, dating in Utah and what they love about being black.

Jayrod Garrett was one of the Utah natives among the panelists.

When he was about 8 years old, Garrett said he was called the n-word by children from his church. He decided to leave the church. When you receive the information, if you think any of it is wrong or out of date, you can ask us to change or delete it for you.

The Hidden History of Culver City Racism – Streetsblog Los Angeles

The majority African-American enclaves found in every major US city are no accident of history. In this animation, adapted from his book The Color of Law , the US historian Richard Rothstein explains with devastating precision how decades of brazenly intentional racist local, state and federal government housing policies led to the current status quo.

America's most segregated city: the young black voters of Milwaukee

In reviving this history, Rothstein details the multitude of ways these policies are still affecting African-American communities, and offers a remedy for the generations of harm. While you might fancy yourself far superior to the insects you inevitably crush underfoot, humans and ants have a humbling amount in common. Our similarities include complex societies, intricate divisions of labour, evolutionary success and a penchant for warfare. Indeed, when it comes to the last point, you could imagine some ant species viewing humans as mere amateurs.

Screened today, the film is a fascinating and humbling glimpse at the ever-fraught business of predicting the future. While many of the technological flourishes showcased — including instant communication, heaps of screen time and daily fitness tracking — ring true today, the film fails to imagine the broader cultural or environmental shifts to come.

Black ghettos are no accident – how state-sponsored racism shaped US cities

Much more Leave It to Beaver than Black Mirror , the film exemplifies how, through the lens of capitalism, products and progress never exacerbate but gently whisk away problems, as well as the feedback loop of invention and commercial depiction through which corporations have helped to shape modern history.

Via Open Culture. Inspired by the hyperpartisan political climate in the US, the experimental social psychologist Peter Ditto at the University of California, Irvine set out to investigate how differing views of morality shape political judgments. US cities are invited to join the U. To join this coalition, mayors will pledge to undertake the following 10 action steps: Through The U. Conference of Mayors:. Skip to the navigation.

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