Music Lessons: Guide Your Child to Play a Musical Instrument (and Enjoy It!)

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Visit our testimonial page to hear what our students and parents had to say about their music lessons! Whether your child is the next Yo-Yo Ma or Ed [ Well, [ The staff is friendly and helpful. Our teacher, Miss Hannah is the best teacher ever in the world, Natalie and I do enjoy our lessons. She is very kind, nice, knows how to deal with kids, and is very professional.

6 Benefits of Music Lessons

Thank you! The front desk staff Michelle and Erin are knowledgeable, professional and always happy to assist the students and their families. She has been a source of inspiration and a resource for my daughter and our family! We could not be more pleased with these lessons and with her teacher, Barbara! We recommend Barbara and ISM to everyone who expresses any interest in musical instruction.

Thanks for everything! She has truly made her enjoy playing the violin and built her confidence. They have inculcated confidence and live for music! So happy to have ISM close to our home. He has taught me so much and I feel that he cares very much about me as a person. I have been lucky to have had him as a voice teacher.

We have really appreciated how carefully we are matched with new instructors. We really appreciate that.

In the beginning, the school may provide the lessons and offer direction in renting an instrument.

Finally — the front desk staff is very welcoming and kind to everyone. I will surely miss ISM when Marc graduates next year. I do recommend ISM to people and will continue to do so. Very flexible with scheduling.

Learn To Play Piano Instantly: #1 Beginning Training (Pro Shortcuts)

Good feedback at end of lessons. All around great experience! My daughter gets so much out of each lesson. Thank you.

Voted Best For Music Instruction by Washington Families

Both are warm and encouraging to my children, but also have noticeably improved their musical skills. The kids love their lessons and are learning so much! Dunkin is a wonderful and patient saxophone teacher. We are very pleased with ISM as a school and with their choice of having amazing intructors. It is a great way to show how much progress has been made. The substitute instructors are also wonderful and knowledgeable. Thanks for having flexible make up sessions and a summer schedule for time away. I inquired at a few different places for voice lessons, and your staff was the most responsive and helpful.

Why I decided to take lessons with you! So are the front desk staff! I recommend ISM all the time! The staff at ISM South were always flexible about schedule changes and great about reminders, and all the administrative chores. The communication is always good and personal. I love the teachers. The whole experience is very good and I really enjoyed and did learn quite a lot from the lessons.

She enjoys her lessons so much that she is always surprised that the half hour goes by so quickly! James is the best saxophone teacher!!! She very caring and motivates me well!! Her teacher is great and explain everything in calm and understandable way. Everything is going wonderfull so far. It was so nice to call and receive an introductory piano lesson soon thereafter! Staff is very courteous as well.

She encourages me and helps me become a better student. Most important, my son enjoys the class every time and learnt a lot. They are knowledgeable in music and skilled at teaching.

We have had two enthusiastic and motivating teachers in our years and ISM. I also like the numerous student recitals throughout the year.

Good quality teaching, friendly — easy. Recitals are low key and not threatening to students. Thank you very much! The staff is always friendly and responsive. Those things count, but I had never learned about them before. Learning that has improved my confidence.

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The Next Step: Is Your Child Ready for Music Lessons?

The music teachers are amazing. They are great matches for my kids. We are happy with our choice of enrolling him in ISM. Our group music class for children 6 months to 5 years old is called Family Music Time. Weekly, 45 minute classes are affordable and ongoing throughout the year. We do not recommend approaching music in an analytical, theoretical, or technical manner yet. In fact, we have witnessed just the opposite! Although violins do come in small sizes to fit children, it is important to realize that choosing this instrument does create many more simultaneous challenges than learning music first on piano or drums which are still very challenging.

Piano is a great instrument to start with because it is easy to make a pleasant sound just strike a key! Both piano and drums will provide students with a great foundation of music that they can apply to other instruments in the future, should they decide to try something new as they get older and their bodies become strong enough to power other instruments.

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In order to gain a solid musical foundation that is transferable to other instruments in the future, we still recommend piano or drums. However, ukulele students can quickly learn melodies, chord shapes and strumming patterns, which help coordination and listening development, but do not reinforce general music theory as well as piano or drums. Please be careful when considering ukulele as a first instrument, especially for kids under 8. For these reasons, there are more instrument choices available to this age range. The smaller woodwind instruments Clarinet, Flute are recommended over larger, heavier instruments like Trumpet and Trombone although some 8 and 9 year olds may certainly be strong enough to try.

Christopherus Homeschool Resources » Learning a Musical Instrument

We always suggest starting on an instrument that excites the student. Can you rent the instrument, or do you need to buy up front? Also, many drum students begin with only a practice pad and drumsticks. For piano students, a keyboard is a perfectly acceptable instrument to learn on. What style of music do you most enjoy? If jazz is your cuppa tea, you might be best suited for trumpet, saxophone, or trombone.