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More articles. Previous articles. President Donald Trump greets supporters at a campaign rally in Orlando, Fla. So here is a way to show it is a lie. Ask any white conservative, including one who supports Trump, the following three questions:. Most Popular. White House. By Mairead McArdle. Senator Ben Sasse offered the strongest criticism yet from a Senate Republican of President Trump's suggestion that China investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's son's business dealings.

If the Biden kid broke laws by selling Read More. By David French. I don't think it's possible to fully grasp the Ukraine scandal without understanding the dynamic outlined by former homeland security adviser Thomas Bossert last weekend. PC Culture. By Dennis Prager. By Matthew Continetti. Democrats are rushing into impeachment despite the knowledge that, given what we know now, the Senate will not remove Donald Trump from office. Why is Nancy Pelosi doing this?

Because she has resigned herself to the argument that impeaching Trump is the way for Democrats to win the presidency and Senate By Brian Stewart. That would mean that I've made vast generalizations about both white and Black people, and that I do not critically evaluate and engage the systems and many levels of suffering we are under. These systems, while they do prioritize white people under the value of white supremacy, they do not only benefit white people and they do not only benefit white people in one way.

When you take offense to a BlackLivesMatter protest because you believe they should be saying AllLivesMatter or even WhiteLivesMatter or when you take a direct offense to someone being "Pro-Black," it is presumptuous and telling of many things. First, it reveals the reinforcement of the white-Black binary assumption - that is, if we are saying we are Pro-Black, that must mean we are anti-white.

While anti-Blackness certainly fuels white supremacy, this is a direct erasure of those who exist outside of the white-Black "racial binary" and it also does not address how colorism perpetuates harm and anti-Blackness even in communities of color. This consistent need to re-center yourself in the narrative shows that you may have internalized white supremacy and must take up space in a conversation that was never a personal attack on you.

If I started a campaign for breast cancer awareness, would you then show up protesting the events because I did not talk about pancreatic or liver cancer? The answer is likely no. The reasons we say BlackLivesMatter are not to say that only Black Lives Matter, but to say that we acknowledge the disproportionate violence Black folks experience that all lives do not have to.

I have some family members who have seen my work and love for my community as a direct correlation to hating white people and "reverse racism. They fail to recognize that what I hate are the racist, white supremacist systems that I have personally been impacted by and that my community has been impacted by - both institutionally and interpersonally. If you're equating a disdain of systemic oppression to a hatred for an entire group of people then you are not only blind, but incredibly selfish and guilty.

Because if we don't take the time to value, empower and love up on ourselves and each other every single day, who will? In this world, in , we are still exposed to constant images of violence against people who look like us. Not only are we still recovering from hundreds of years of brutalization against our ancestors, but we are still facing daily racialized trauma because of the ways those violent systems have continued to lock us out of the resources we need just to survive. We have to convince ourselves every single day that we are worth something and that we are valuable, because we are surrounded by systems and a society that constantly devalues and dehumanizes us.

It is so radically important then, for us to be able to show both self and collective love. The only way we can begin to heal from so many wounds is to be able to love ourselves first, so we can know the value in our lives and then resist a system which does not. We know that we do not have to rely on these current systems because these systems were never meant to benefit us.

But once we are able to practice a radical self-love and collective love, we can create alternative systems that will allow us to thrive beyond basic survival. Skip to main content. Secondary menu Log in. Search form Search. Doctors in communities in WA reduced Children and human rights Our children more likely to be removed Justice?

Police Brutality Rally Protesters investigation call Sydney Shooting - Video's Police to stand trial over bashing Suicides Aboriginal children suicide shame How many more suicides will it take? A vigil was held to mourn the death of a teenager Elijah Doughty, who was slain in a vigilante act in Kalgoorlie. Protesters from the Melbourne Black Lives Matter rally. One principle useful to activists that comes from this is that whites are deemed racist even if they are not personally prejudiced and do not discriminate because they belong to the powerful oppressors.

In contrast, blacks, Asians, or non-white Hispanics who hate white people are not racist, because they do not have power.

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Thus, uniquely, whites are evil racists. This is unproven, as there are at least a number of other important influences that have not been taken into account and assessed as alternative explanations. One reason to doubt the discrimination explanation is that other unpopular minority populations are highly overrepresented in universities and prestigious professions. Furthermore, the historical facts are that blacks, Hispanics, and females have for decades received preferential treatment, being granted admittances and jobs at the expense of better qualified white male and Asian candidates.

It is not an accident that two of the white anti-white haters quoted above are university professors, and that the other anti-white hater has two degrees from elite universities. Their narrative has been adopted wholesale in the humanities, especially English and history, and the social sciences, especially sociology, an early adopter, and anthropology. Ditto the Canadian humanities and social sciences. In the intersectional sweepstakes, white hetero males are awarded minus three points, which means three points of oppressor evil, while black lesbian females are awarded plus three points, three points of victimhood virtue.

White straight females do not do much better than white males, granted minus two points, two steps down into oppressor evil. Increasingly, courses are offered that focus directly on whites and men, but not to celebrate them.

Is there a double standard for black-on-white crime?

Webster University in St. Only whites are welcome in these meetings, where students can confess to their racism and their white privilege. The University of Georgia graduate student and teaching assistant has expressed strong views about whites:. Teaching and research often overlap with other anti-Western themes, such as postcolonialism and orientalism.

Anti-racist activists are prominent in the field. The comments quoted at the beginning of this essay show that critiques of white people easily morph into hatred of white people and anti-white hate speech, skating on the edge of inciting violence against whites, even to the point of praising the prospect of white genocide. The use of gross census categories, such as gender and race, to explain social patterns is to ignore both individual and category diversities. Individuals in each category range in characteristics over multiple continua, and to treat men or women or white or blacks as of they were all the same is the erasure of individuals and ludicrously crude.

It is obviously ridiculous to say that a working-class white boy raised by a single, poorly educated parent is privileged in relation to a black boy in a middle-class family, brought up by two educated parents. To treat gross census categories as if the only possible difference between categories is power flies in the face of everything we know about human cultures. Different cultures, or racial and gender sub-cultures, convey different assumptions, beliefs, values, and goals.

It is undeniable that some cultures strongly encourage education and entrepreneurship, while other cultures are less oriented in those directions. But results in each field come from motivations, capacities, and dedication, and the choices that individuals and members of populations make. Whites make up the majority in the U.

Racism from Andrew Johnson to FDR

In a democracy, the will of the majority is supposed to be respected. To vilify, discount, and discriminate against the majority on behalf of much smaller minorities, e. Just wondering, because it will happen, since white persons will marry and procreate with persons of color until they are extinct. White can be bred out in the same way as Australian Aborigines could be bred out. I do not believe that nothing matters anymore, humans have failed the creator. This world was created with beauty and love, and look at what has become of our planet.

Mother earth cries and no one cares to listen to what she has to say. We are all humans made with the same body and physical features, we all have the same dreams and needs. When we are born we do not hate, we as children do not see bad in others or that they are different. As children, we see innocence, love, compassion, and happiness. But then we grow up listening to parents that hate others, tv and schools teach us to hate and that we are all different colors.

Even when you apply for a job or other forms the first thing that they ask is your race, nationality etc. No one should believe that they are superior to others that God created as equals humans. Mother Nature has suffered enough that now she is demanding justice, she is cleaning up what humans have been destroying. This world does not belong to humans we are here just visiting and to learn.

I personally do not accept being controlled by other humans when they themselves do not follow Gods laws. I do not answer to other humans I only answer my good and bad to my Creator. He should be the only one that all humans should follow. For example, all laws and rules are written by man, who says that these human are right about anything.

One that should be reviewed is the Criminal Justice System, it is so corrupted that many humans are treated worse than animals. Actually our animals are treated with more love and respect. I believe that the government should allow the people to voice there opnions of the punishment for major crimes committed. Then the government make them as rules and law for all to follow. We need to change the governent unhealthy ways before we can love and be proud to be human. The way humans are going there will not be an earth to live on.

Mother earth is not going to take it anymore, she will have the last say so. Absolutely right. Excellent article. I think this is why we continue to see mass shootings by frustrated, so-called, alt-right youths I am not condoning these acts of murder. Frustrations are boiling and some are taking a call to action. Kudos to you! This is so true, and this is racism.

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  5. If the things being said about the US President today were said to Pres. Obama, those people would have been shot. Eventually a lot of the Browns dis-embarked from E. And as far as the rest of the And also in the 3. I left a reply for Yellow King. Last night wondering why it was not added to the thread??? Pleaee give a justified reason. His ignorant comments were more than aggressive and racist, my rebuttle to his nonsensical stupidity should be allowed to be viewed if his hate speech was. Must be FEAR. Referring to whites as monkeys lmfao. What the hell is the matter with you?

    Why would you want to enslave or eliminate people because they are different? Your BS has been debunked point by point numerous times. Invent some AI or any form of advanced technology then get back to us. How do you think a few thousand Europeans could conquer tens of thousands of African warriors?

    “White People”

    Was it tricknology? DNA research now indicates that there is no such thing as pure humans, all of us have DNA from some form of archaic human species. Around , years ago sub-Saharan Africans had larger brains and were more intelligent than blacks do now. Those large brained ancient Africans are the ones that left Africa and went into Europe where they bred with large brained Neanderthals. Sub-Saharan blacks have zero Neanderthal DNA, the smallest brain size, the shortest life expectancy, and the lowest IQ scores on the planet.

    They let it fall into disrepair or destroy it. Notice that the most advanced nations in Africa in general were once colonized and the most backwards are those that were never colonized such as Liberia and Ethiopia. The more whites or Asians in an African nation directly correlate with their more advanced state.

    Blacks tend to revert to tribalism and xenophobia in Africa when left alone.

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    I am European white and i live and grew up in a homogenius society. I was never tought to hate or look down on anyone of another race. When i first saw a black person at age 8 i thougt it was very interesting. After discovering social media like after i started seeing different sides of reality. Now i know it was a lie and this burning and blatant hatred of us whites i see both on social media and in the main stream. And that is mostly because of something the past. To them i will happily replay: Up Yours! Stay homogenius and preserve your culture.

    Lol where was this power when we kicked every races ass all over the planet.

    Race in America 12222

    We control the world always will breeding takes time 18 years, death takes seconds. How long do you think it would take to kill 3 billion asians billion blacks, before afternoon tea. We control the weather HARP, your own people sell you out like the blacks who sold you into slavery. We are efficient at war, your African armies would not last a minute against us, Iraq fell within weeks, we walk into any country we want and can obliterate you any time we want.

    And you are a fool to think other races will not exterminate you next, Ive been all over Asia they do not like blacks at all. And i have not even brought up Ai we are going to legions of AI at our disposal even merge with them that is the future, everyone knows this. Your face is in a data base as we speak you can be found in seconds, China allready has all its citezens in their data banks with thousands of cameras tracking every move they make, where they eat, what they buy, who they are romantically involved with.

    Damn man… you need to focus on other things. This article puts it perfectly. Human behavior makes everyone a lot more similar than different. This kind of attitude is exactly what causes the great problems of the world. Hate is hate. Hopefully our future generations are more mixed so bullshit like this stops. Your rambling is completely off base. And you hate white people and you think white people hate you and fear you. You need to get perspective. And you stated that what you said was going to be hard to hear for the easily emotional people.

    Well, what you said was all your intense emotions spilled out to text. You are equivalent to all white racists, because you are also racist. Please people of all colors who actually are not racist, leave more insightful comments. Yellow king you are only showing how ignorant and racist you are my Friend with this long drawn out statement about whites we arent monkeys; we are the creation of the same god. We would exterminate you.


    Chris Matthews Asks Kamala Harris Why She Doesn't Hate White People

    You know this. But the propoganda you see each and every day on television and social media is what keeps you in the dark and ignorant. Even on a global scale…you are outnumbered. You see…we simply let you live. We take from you little by little. Thank you for confirming and projecting your fears. You are a racist. I grew up in New Mexico and I see the truth of the numbers you speak of. I was not in the majority race and it was apparent through the racist comments and laughing. Your sanctioned racism, your approach to this, is abhorrent.

    People like you are fanning the flames of hate.