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Buy in bulk and save. Product Description Flame Hawkfish - Neocirrhites armatus Flame Hawkfish an expensive Red and Black striped horizontal Hawkfish species with a flat tail, the Flame Hawkfish is disease resistant, robust and typically diurnal by nature, which means it stays active during the day.

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It will also eat just about any other fish that will fit in its mouth. The Dwarf Falco Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys falco is common in the base of coral heads at scuba depths. It's cheek has two red bars and attains a length of 3 inches or less. It can be found in the Maldives to Japan and Samoa.

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  • The Falco's Hawkfish is a great choice for beginners. It should not be kept with smaller, less aggressive fish.

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    It will spend most of its time sitting on the substrate, rather than on the rock and decorations in a tank. The Freckled, Blackside or Forster's Hawkfish Paracirrhites forsteri is common on large coral heads in shallow water.

    Flame Hawk fish

    It has numerous dark freckles on head. The juveniles are striped with yellow-green, or red-brown over white. Species outside Hawaii have a dark color phase with yellow peduncle.

    It attains a length of up to 9 inches. The Golden Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys aureus is uncommon at scuba depths on drop offs. It attains a length of 5 inches and can be found in India, China, Japan, and Sulawesi. The Half-Spotted Hawkfish Paracirrhites hemistictus is an uncommon species along reef drop-offs.

    Hawkfish Articles:

    Two color morphs are seen but always have large black spots on rear half. It varies from bright red to greenish brown. It has a small angular spot on the gill covers and a diffuse blotch may be present on caudal peduncle. It attains a length of up to 5 inches and is restricted to Hawaii, Mauritius, and Madagascar. The Redspotted or Pixy Spotted Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus is uncommonly found in the base of coral heads at scuba depths. Its cheek has several spots and it attains a length of up to 3. The Stocky Hawkfish Cirrhitus pinnulatus common on shallow reefs exposed to surge.

    It attains a length of up to 11 inches and is the only Hawaiian Hawkfish regularly captured for human consumption. The Twospot Hawkfish Amblycirrhitus bimacula is a cryptic species usually hidden within small crevices or branching coral.


    Longnose Hawkfish

    It is a pale red-brown with black oval spot below the soft dorsal fin and on the gill cover. Freckled Forster's Hawkfish Paracirrhites forsteri. Continue to 2 of 13 below.

    Longnose Hawkfish Care

    Flame Hawk Neocirrhites armatus. Continue to 3 of 13 below. Red Hawkfish Neocirrhitus armatus. Continue to 4 of 13 below.