Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body

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When a person died, their Ka continued to live. A Ka needed the same nourishment that a person needed, even after they died. That's why the ancient Egyptians painted pictures of food on the walls of their tombs.

They believed the Ka did not actually eat these paintings, but rather absorbed the life giving force they represented, so the Ka could live forever. The ancient Egyptians believed that your soul split into two parts after you died. One part, the Ba, flew off every morning to keep watch over your living family. The other part, the Ka, flew happily off to enjoy life in the Land of Two Fields.

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At night, both the Ba and the Ka returned home to your tomb to rest up for the next heavenly day. Name: If something happened to your preserved body, or if your Name was not written down somewhere, the Ba and the Ka would get lost. They would not be able to find their way home to your tomb. You would disappear. You would not be able to watch over your family or to enjoy your afterlife.

What Is the Soul? Is It Different from the Spirit?

That's why the use of a cartouche was so popular. Reading can actually help your stress levels and expand your knowledge while allowing your body the time it needs to calm down and take a break. Reading increases mental stimulation. When you keep your brain active and engaged, you are helping to stop it from losing its power, the power it needs to help you critically think and problem solve.

Your brain requires just as much exercise as the rest of your body to stay healthy, strong, and agile.

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  4. Besides reading, puzzles and playing games are great ways to exercise your mind. Cognitive stimulation helps to relieve stress. As stated before, when you read, you are able to get lost in a story and can transport away from your real life worries and stresses.

    Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body

    These stories help you to relieve tension and become relaxed, something you may not be able to do normally. Knowledge is power. Every time you read, you are learning new ideas and concepts to add to your cache to help you become better equipped to handle any challenge. It also helps to increase your vocabulary, allowing new words and meanings to add to your everyday vernacular.

    While this may seem trivial, being well-spoken and articulate is very helpful for your professional, and personal, life.

    People who are loquacious, expressive, and well-informed on a variety of topics, tend to get promoted quicker and more often than those who are not. Reading is also imperative if you are trying to learn a new language.

    Three main Christian views on the soul and spirit:

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    The truth behind salvation: body, soul, and spirit

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