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Romano later added a portrait of the twelfth emperor, Domitian , displayed elsewhere.

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The emperors were depicted in classical poses, wearing armour and flowing draped clothing, accompanied by various objects such as swords and staffs. The series ran clockwise around the top of the room, from Julius Caesar on the north wall to Titus on the west wall.

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Romano added frescos on the ceilings; stucco and niches to frame Titian's paintings; and a series of further paintings on wooden panels as a dado or basamento around the lower part of the walls, with a scene from the life of each emperor below the relevant portrait. Some of the works by Romano, or his workshop, designed to hang below Titian's portraits are in the British Royal Collection.

To Titian's eleven portraits, Campi added the twelfth Caesar, Domitian , in , after the portrait by Romano. Campi returned to the subject several times, painting at least another four sets for other patrons.


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Drawings of most of Titian's originals but omitting the west wall were made by Ippolito Andreasi for Jacopo Strada in about The portraits were engraved by Aegidius Sadeler II and published in Antwerp in about , and then republished by Marcus Sadeler in about The engravers added twelve accompanying empresses - eleven wives and Otho 's mother, Albia Terentia - based on portraits by Giulio Romano. Each engraved portrait is accompanied by a poem in Latin.

The engravings are an important source for the details of Renaissance armour, including examples attributed to Filippo Negroli. Pompeia , wife of Julius Caesar. Livia Drusilla , wife of Augustus.

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Vipsania Agrippina , wife of Tiberius. Statilia Messalina , wife of Nero. Domitian , after Giulio Romano.

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Albia Terentia , mother of Otho. Petronia , wife of Vitellius.

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  6. Flavia Domitilla , wife of Vespasian. Martia Fulvia Marcia Furnilla , wife of Titus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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