Fifty Shades of Eh! (Very Naughty CANADIAN Parody)

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And Ryan Reynolds is unkillable. Apparently he left the Highlander remake because the story hit too close to home.

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Might want to wash them first. Will Doctor Who be a talking horse? What is the mystery of the Sky Kitten? We have 5 years to find out. And an all new TacoTalk with actual talking tacos! RadioBastard: the talking tacos had to be put down when they grew teeth and started talking backwards Latin.

Since last we left our plump buddies, Jeremy has become a totally hairless karate master and Jason has watched Double Dragon and subsisted on beard leavings. The Radio Bros. Branding explore that weighty question. Idris Elba will star in all of them as well. RadioBastard: Your semi-weekly excuse to feel joy without the benefit of self-molestation, barbecue, or sin juice since We here at RadioBastard Labs know that you, the discerning podcast listener, demand nothing but the latest in podcast innovations.

All the pop-culture news in half the time with a quarter of the humor. Wanna watch eleven Marvel movies in a row with random strangers?

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RadioBastard: we wear blankets as capes in the night time. Remembering Leonard Nimoy. This time on the all new lemon scented RadioBastard podcast hour of power, Jeremy and Jason get wrapped up in the timeless internet sensation known as DressGate. Maybe Air America 2: Still Americaning. Who knows? This time on RadioBastard: Thunder Dream, Jeremy and Jason experience Tuscan cuisine and go for a rain water ass-douches at a premium spa that they found on Groupon back when it was still a thing.

Abrams says some of the Star Wars rumors are true. Word is bond.

DON'T CRAWL CHALLENGE in Roblox Flee the Facility! (Funny Moments)

Plus nerd news, TacoTalk and more on this weeks show! Add animated doggies and kitties. Jeremy has a few plumbing related concerns about this. The guys watch the trailer and give a honest to goodness mature review. Hey, did you know there is also some other reboot and non-reboot news this week? Start doing some deep knee bends and stretch out those hammies, FebruMurray begins next week on the RadioBastard Podcast! Welcome to the future. On this, the very first podcast of , Cyborg Jeremy and Clone Jason sit in their hoverchairs or as some call them, jazzy scooters to talk about everything that has happened in the pop culture trendsphere.

Luck is your lady!

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More luck! A company whose robot overlords care. All this and more on RadioBastard: Unconventionally Sexy. Press play as Jeremy, Jason, and a bad Alan Arkin impression give you their take. Too bad, but we describe one that someone is pretending is real. All that and more on the George Michael Joy Machine!

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Eagle sound effect! RadioBastard: The unofficial new home of Tek Jansen. Deep see? Not Jason, gather around the glowing internet fire to discuss all manner of things that pertain to fitness, finance, and faith. Also there are other things! Here are the other things! Guess which one of these two we talk about. Now you do! Give it time, boy-o. Give it time. But is Mr. When did you escape the mine? Terminator: Atari has a trailer and we have a reaction. A pillar of the community. For real.

Oh, and the other stuff? Some unwanted attention. Please listen so we can yell at you. Like the back of a Volkswagen uncomfortable. Jeremy discusses his take on the spoiler heard round the world and him and that other jackass talk about the episode and whether they care about the latest character kill-off. All that and more on RadioBastard, the kind of podcast you could see yourself settling down with.

So gather around the internets poorly guarded exhaust port because Jeremy and Jason are back with another podcast to help usher you into the holiday season. Thank J. Start your Episode VII death pools now. You can just listen you know. RadioBastard, enjoy our giblets. Welcome back to the podcast of fun, this time on the show your life model decoy hosts, Jeremy and Jason, have brewed a cup of nerdy pop-culture talky news things and awkward moments.

Do you like Star Wars, beard chat, Doctor Who, and scandalous sexy sex sex on the television set? Then do we have a show for you, clown shoes! All that and more on yo Mama on the RadioBastard Podcast! There are also other things that we discuss with the brain fire of a thousand suns. Is it something to be excited about or does it frustrate you?

We discuss, you decide, and I type podcast promos like a local news lede. Look away! The podcast equivalent of a flaming bag of poo on your door step classic prank! And love. Happy Halloween! Also, there are robot things and a monstrous TacoTalk. More specificity! Do we deserve a more convenient Taco Bell? Here at RadioBastard, we pride ourselves on providing an entertaining, economical and culturally enriching experience for you, our loyal listener. To accomplish this, our engineers work tirelessly to fill the program with celebrity impressions and other silly voices that would get a beginner stand-up comedian exiled from the chuckle hut circuit.

Captain America. Abraham Lincoln. Jeremy and Jason get into it. And Carol turns into a killing machine on the latest Walking Dead. Those things are: a report on New York Comic Con the worlds most heavily populated pop culture convention from one of the survivors, a story about a Google Glass addict and a shocking transaction that involves pussy. Have they axed the next X-Men? Jonah Jameson write these headlines? With 3Boobs and a Bakula. Is it a magic dove? Is it a figment of our imaginations?

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Roberto Orci half explains. We came back! Lets talk about sex, baby. Fat guy sex, that is. Let us be adventurers together on the dope wave that is the internet, bro. Suck on that, Uncle Jesse. You came back! Probably not! But we investigate anyway! Someone new? Is it heaven? Would Doctor Who get overtly spiritual?

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Listen with your ears! Welcome back to the self proclaimed nerdy podcast of record, RadioBastard. Do you crave more? Jeffrey, you are a gluton! PLUS, get out the party favours! Time to celebrate! Call your parents! Welcome to another edition of Radio Bastard: In Conversation. Show, Ben Stiller and more and the awesome legacy of Robin Williams, whose death was still a bit fresh in our minds on Monday night when we recorded. For a while now, there have been rumors that Wayans might look to build on those successes and take on the role of Richard Pryor in a long-delayed bio-pic.

We asked Wayans if he was still involved in the film. Last week, Marlon Wayans got into a little bit of trouble on Twitter for a joke that he cracked and since then, the comic has been open about why he was not sorry for what he said. And I think you have to, you know, kinda just kinda go do and explore and not be afraid to fail. Martin walks and other leftover SDCC revelations. Are you into King Kong vs. Godzilla vs. RadioBastard: Not your average trained monkeys. So, I got the script and it was so funny and ridiculous and it was exactly what I wanted to do as a contrast to what I was currently doing.

It also gave me an opportunity to cry, which I felt like doing a lot when I was doing Only because, being involved with hate speech on a daily basis and playing such an asshole really starts to get to you. It really affects you. I mean, I suggested that I take John Karna out to a strip club to show him what it was like to see ladies and what women were all about but he said he already knew and called me a perv.

We never made it. Described as both a sex comedy and and something inspired by Groundhog Day, we asked Tudyk whether it was a challenge to sum Premature up with a bite sized description: I think it always is, and the easier it is the worse off you are. But, I think it is a nice surprise for people who go in expecting it only to be one thing and then they get the surprise of it actually being a sweet movie that has premature ejaculation at the center of it. Laughs So many negative feelings surround premature ejaculation, and to have a sort of a kind warm feeling is a nice change.

In addition, he has starred The Comic Thread View Profile. Originally penned as a children's storybook, Why the Cricket Sings at Night transformed into a musical sketch show for the stage that everyone can enjoy! Music has just been discovered and animals from all around are singing and jamming to their own, unique sound. The musical's titular protagonist, Cricket, goes on a wondrous journey to find her own voice and create We all have thoughts of tropical islands, unlimited bank accounts or running through a cotton candy meadow surrounded by puppies and baby goats.

What if those thoughts trapped inside your head became a reality for one night? Respect The Deck View Profile. Long form improv inspired by the game Cards Against Humanity. Audience members select the cards that will decide the direction of the show. To play the game you have to Respect the Deck! The D-Monster View Profile. When vain and abusive Claire fires her latest assistant, Inga gets her chance to move up the corporate ladde The Eh Team View Profile. The 'Eh' Team is aboot bringing great improv to the world, 'Canadian' style' - which means in a parliamentary style with the possibility of hockey fights.

The troupe is a collection of award winning comics from the Second City in Toronto, Canada who have moved oot to the US, following the footsteps of some other illustrious Canadians like Mike Meyers, John Candy and Pamela Anderson, to chase the Cedric The Entertainer View Profile.

Escape the Fate View Profile. The Fifty Shades Parody is the hilarious new musical that brings all the naughty fun of the best-selling book to life. Your inner goddess will be laughing out loud with this new imagining of the characters as they come to life with sharp-witted comedy, musical numbers, steamy and fun performances from the hunky le The Fireturtles View Profile. The Flutterbies View Profile. Just The Funny View Profile. Big energy, big fun, and not for the faint of heart, Just The Funny is going to leave you begging for more!

The Glow started his career when, through the advice of friend, he decided to give it a try. In just a couple of years in the business, James Goff had already made the transition from "up and coming" to comedian by opening for comedian greats such as Tommy Davidson, DL Hugley, an The Granting View Profile. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air about the embarking of the band's new musical journey! Brian's intricate jazz-influenced drumming, and a combination of Dean's raw passion, soulful lyr Every month The Depression Players write and perform a brand new variety show as part of Obama's jobs package intended to put artists back to work!

Forget today's troubles with sketches, stand-up, videos, and characters that transport you back to a happier time: The Great Depression. The Green Tease View Profile.

They lived there very good, but only one thing the life in Heaven is boring. Animals and bird have their children and they have not got! Romancero with puppets. Monsters, chimeras and dragons come alive in a puppet poem about the adventures of the knight Don Quixote. And only the image of the Beautiful Lady will stay just a dream of the funny eccentric, tilting at windmills … A poor nobleman Don Quixote, old and lonely eccentric, having read old chivalric romance, imagined himself…a knight errant.

Putting a basin on his head instead of a helmet and arming himself with rusty sword and shield, he takes a peasant named Sancho Panza as his squire. But without getting involved in a fight with the giants, how you will be able to understand what actually is mill …. The Great Patriotic War. Blockade of Leningrad. Little girl Valya suffers the most terrible days of her life. The spectator steps into the world of fantasy and reality — the world of a child.

Appeared from imagination - the images are full of warmth, kindness and immortality — a dream or reality. Thanks to puppets synthesis, military personnel chronicles, animation and cinema these images materialize into a story. The house is destroyed. Wardrobe — is the only refuge in a bombed — out house.

This performance has visited hundreds Russian cities and more than 40 countries of the world. It has been listed in the Guinness World Records for the biggest amount of spectators. A concert has a great success among the viewers in our days. A master of ceremonies is a puppet Eduard Aplombov. He has a talent to make people laugh and he loves an endless applause. Eduard Aplombov is a unique polyglot: he can joke using 24 foreign languages, including farci and hindi. He is inimitable and fascinating! Do not take his words seriously! Three stories about how in ordinary life suddenly happiness appears.

By chance or by lot of fate, each of the characters becomes happy. The live melody of the saxophone creates that special mood on the stage. In this way puppet theatre shows a human metaphor — the puppet in the hands of divine destiny. Where the reality transforms into a real magic. More than thirty years of successful work — scenography of 80 plays by Shakespeare and Platonov, Vampilov and Shergin in dramatic, musical, puppet theatres in Russia and abroad. All three novels are presented like mini — performances, the first of which is in the genre of melodrama, the second - satirical and the third is shown like lyric concert.

The whole story is made out of provocative and anarchical messages from the period after Camilla's arrival in Paris in , and out of letters from the psychiatric hospital that were never sent; we invite you to read between the lines, between silence and unspoken, in order to understand at what point her mind began to torment.

Kamiy Truve manipulates the paper with confident restraint, deftly folding its bends and tears to the sounds of double bass of Fanny Lafarg. A duo is hitting a nerve, revealing the soul of a woman and a crumble artist who wants to gain freedom of expression. It's a portrait, it's an expression of dedication, it's a tragedy that is being played out in front of our eyes. It touches your heart.

Brigitte is so old that her memories have become black and white. If you ask her how old she is, she'll say she's too many and a little more years old. So many that in her youth colors didn't exist. The memories that were there and that have ceased to be. Moments of life which she cherished and which she has lost from her soul. But today it's different. Today is an important day, perhaps the most important one. Today Brigitte wants to fly away.

Of course, a person who can no longer walk has only one way to fly away: with the help of their memory. Brigitte has two strongest memories: Eugene, the love of her life, and a young girl named Brigitte, so young that she still thinks people can fly. Together, they will help old Brigitte recall those few moments that she remembers from her life. The moment when she flew so high she could play with the moon, or the moments when Eugene made her laugh with his umbrella, or when she was dressing up in front of the mirror and creating with her imagination more than with her eyes, or the remains of glory when they danced in front of hundreds of people.

Maybe it's been too long, and her mind now looks like a scratched disc — but whatever it is, it's definitely not about a memory, it's about flying for the last time. This new project explores other ways of movement and makes the most of the expressive and poetic potential of mime and puppet theater. Using direct manipulation, manipulation of objects, bodies of puppets, dancing and theater, the company manages to tell us the unusual story of Brigitte.

This is the story of one man and his five spirits. Dancers, physical actors and puppeteers will revive Nolan's body, emotions and imagination; our protagonist does not know he is a puppet. But Nolan is able to feel, hear, smell and understand everything that is happening around him. He wants to scream, touch, run away, but his body has become his own prison. In order to cope with this situation and avoid despair, Nolan will learn to create his own world full of dreams, hopes, and magic.

The world capable of explaining him why, despite being unable to move, his body continues to breathe. It's a story about the influence we have on each other and the power of relationships. It's about the choices we make. It's about the energy between us, which we use to understand who we are when we reach out to each other or push away each other.

Told through a combination of puppet theater, dance and live music, the performance creates a dynamic conversation between the performing mediums, using all its power to convey the emotional world of the characters. Following Beaumarchais, who adored all kinds of jokes and dressing, Director Boris Konstantinov will show the well known play as… the first rehearsal of the famous theatrical masterpiece.

Traveling artists — puppeteers gathered in a rustic burn to rehearse fashionable Comedy. They have to show it to the Spanish grandee in his castle, who actually ordered this performance. The head of the artistic troupe gives the actors their roles and starts to rehearse, attracting to the theatrical action… all horned, tailed and feathered inhabitants of the barn. The plot is unchanged! Figaro, the Count's valet is — happy! Today he is going to marry Suzanne, but the wedding worries turn into delicate situations, that change all the plans and drive all mad.

Where better to tell a fairy tale then at puppet theatre? Following up Gozzi, Boris Konstantinov, the director, and Victor Antonov, the artist, made up a magic China, located under the Venice bridge. Flying arrows and towns fire, refined tortures and tempting bond-maids! The action takes place on a small table, but it tells the story of a big life.

Rockin' The Free World ! por Sean Kay

The whole world appears on this table before us. And it is all created by two actors. With the help of hands and small objects, the actors will show the story of two old women living together. There is nothing unusual in life of the old people - the problem of loneliness, routine household chores. However an extravagant approach of presentation was chosen for this ordinary activities. Lives of the old women, their conversations, their joy, grief and laughter, all in the hands of the actors. The lady on stage spends her day: prayer, radio, thoughts, memories The lady on stage spends her day: prayer, radio What day is it today?

Where is she? Who is she with? Useless questions: The lady on stage spends her day:. Alzheimer-operetta is a lovingly executed tragicomic solo by two hands, telling about the memory problems caused by the disease. Solo, because we're incredibly lonely in front of a person who doesn't recognize us anymore.

Tragic comedy, because often fortunately this is life. Two hands, because that is all we have, and often it's not enough! On stage, there is the puppet and the puppeteer. They intertwine, following the poetic logic of the play, in which the line between the animate and the inanimate is very thin.

Live orchestra! The duration of the performance is 60 minutes. The duration of the performance is 55 minutes.