Dangerous Lessons and Guardian Angels: An airline pilots story

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Kelble was on duty that day and remembers hearing an initial, ultimately inaccurate report that ten people had been buried. He and other avalanche experts had long feared that a major slide would strike Loveland Pass and cause mass casualties.

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But on that day, sitting at his desk a five-minute flight from the scene, he was helpless: thick, milky snow squalls had grounded the helicopter. The people who think one or even two moves ahead lose at chess. And my next move, and my move after that? Anthony Hospital in Denver. After the Olympics were awarded to Colorado—but before voters would decide to veto that decision and send the Summer Games to Montreal—state officials instructed St.

Anthony to develop an airborne medevac system for injured Olympic athletes who would require care in Denver. Eisenhower Tunnel was still under construction, and Loveland Pass was a risky option for a number of reasons. The two-person crew—one pilot and one nurse—became a three-person crew in when Flight for Life added paramedics to the program, teaming prehospital experts with those accustomed to the hospital setting.

The disparity, according to program director Kathleen Mayer, is covered by base hospitals such as St. Anthony, with help from foundations. Flight for Life also receives corporate and private donations in addition to patient payments, and donations from Colorado drivers who purchase Flight for Life license plates. Even on a team stacked with backcountry know-how, Kelble, a diminutive 5-foot-7 and pounds with slightly graying dark hair, stands out.

He is a sought-after avalanche educator who has been known to teach a morning class in Durango, then drive miles and teach a night class in Estes Park. He was voluntarily buried alive for thirty-five minutes as one of the first test subjects for the AvaLung, which helps avalanche victims breathe under the snow and survive up to three times longer than they otherwise would. Talking about air pockets and compression failures makes his face light up.

I n working for Flight for Life, especially the station that covers the vast and rugged zone between Steamboat and Crested Butte, Kelble has catalogued plenty of stories from his missions. Some of them end well. Some of them do not.

Red Carpet Into Harm’s Way Rolled Out for Flight MH17 - FPIF

One that ended well, as Kelble recounted on the helipad in Frisco, began halfway down the Silver Couloir on Buffalo in In this case, the victim survived his ride, but he was badly injured and in need of rapid evacuation. Kelble and Mahany tried six different landing zones near where the patient came to rest, but none was safe enough to use.

Finally, they found a level tuft of tundra a quarter-mile away. Mahany dropped off Kelble, then proceeded to shuttle search-and-rescue volunteers to help with the extraction. They carried the victim to a safer spot, repackaged him, then loaded him into the helicopter for transport to Denver.

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He lived. It is uncertain whether he would have without the helicopter. A much larger avalanche nearly two years later did not end well. In March , three friends following directions in a guidebook snowmobiled up Independence Pass, then set out on climbing skins toward the top of Sunshine Peak, east of Aspen. Halfway up, the lead skier remotely triggered a massive slide across the peak, and he watched, awestruck, as an entire alpine bowl fractured, then slid.

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Ten seconds later the shockwave from the first avalanche hit, and the skier and his two partners suddenly found themselves in the grasp of a secondary avalanche. The upper climber grabbed a tree and arrested his fall, but his buddies were carried feet down the mountain and buried alive. The panicked skier did what everyone in trouble does: he called Kelble and Mahany were on duty at Lifeguard 2 in Frisco when Mountain Rescue Aspen, two counties away, requested their assistance.


Red Carpet Into Harm’s Way Rolled Out for Flight MH17

They found the accident scene using a topographical map and GPS coordinates, and Mahany dropped Kelble on a bench created by the debris. The survivor had located and dug down to his friends, and Kelble determined that both were deceased.

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  5. The war between the Terrans and the Cyrva ended 62 years ago, and the two species are on friendly terms, though not integrated. In an effort to improve interspecies relations, a joint military academy is founded in the Abyss system, where cadets of both species would study alongside each other, and form the mixed-species Joint Guardian Angels Strike Force upon graduating. Now, the first class of the academy is graduating, and Misuzu Stella, Crystal Is'va Dertanya, and their classmates are looking forward to some routine peace-time assignments on board their new command ship, the LSF Guardian Angel.

    However, they soon find themselves fighting on the front lines against a sudden invasion by not one but several alien species. Two additional mini-campaigns were released: "A Nordera Day", which allows you the challenge of playing as a Nordera warrior, and "Stranded", which is a side-story focusing on two pilots who get trapped behind enemy lines and must fight their way back home.

    Following the success of the mod, Spoon decided to make the game a standalone title utilizing the Freespace engine, and began a massive overhaul of the setting. The new iteration of Wings of Dawn christened "NuWOD" by Spoon contains a rewritten story now taking place during the Terran-Cyrvan War, a new control scheme, and short VN segments between missions to add to the character development and worldbuilding. It is released episodically.

    The original mod includes examples of:

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    Question : "Does Isa have a warm side and does she show it often? Crystal : "Okay, here we g- who messed with the simulator settings!? Scar : "That was me, this program was so easily hackable. Figured it would be fun to add a bit of a retro feel to it. Misuzu : "A palette swap? How cheap! Lots of these. Star Control : The Hertak are enslaving other species and using them as "battle thralls" yes, those exact words are used , out of fear of being destroyed themselves.