Crazy Roommates: A Guide!

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1. Set appropriate boundaries

If we could avoid ever paying full-price for another purchase, you bet your ass we would — which is exactly why we created a roundup solely devoted to. The typical college dorm room is cramped enough with just one person, but add in a roommate or two, and you've got to get pretty creative with storage and. In addition to residing in a penthouse apartment with our Scottish fold kitten, an unlimited stash of luxury beauty products, and Noah Centineo, our dream. Welcome to Ask A Plant Queen, where with the help of Tula founder and bona fide plant expert Christan Summers, we'll answer every question you've ever had.

Read at your own risk if either of following apply: 1.

2. Track expenses the tech-savvy way

The key to having this conversation is to not be confrontational. It's important to work out a solution together. If roles are reversed and your roomie is asking something of you, try not to get defensive.

Do your best to meet halfway. If issues do become serious and you're not getting along at all, or you're worried about your roommate's health, know that you can reach out to the resident assistant for advice or guidance. In serious situations, it's possible to request a roommate swap. Hopefully it won't come to that, but rest assured that you're not expected to stay in a living situation that is potentially harmful to you in some way.

By making an effort to start off on great terms, you can make the transition from roommate to friend in no time.

How to live in peace with a roommate: 8 tips

While you might not necessarily become best friends with your roommate, it's entirely possible that you will. While there's never just one way to land a job after college, internships are proven to help.

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A Guide to Terrible Housemates - VICE

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