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If a child wakes in the middle of the night or too early in the morning, it can cause your child to be tired, foggy and grumpy in the day.

Two of our kids were very early risers and I just wanted them to sleep longer so they could have the rest they needed. I knew that I had to do something when our older kids were waking too early — around am and in the morning. It was still dark outside, they were waking their siblings, causing our morning routine to begin much sooner, leaving them exhausted in the middle of the day. Nap time often came in the late morning, leaving the kids requiring a two- hour nap every day.

Plus, when kids are waking too early it can cause them to be overtired by bedtime. This makes it harder for them to doze off at night. I also liked this chart from Wilson Elementary School. To help our kids learn good sleep habits, we came up with this idea, and I have shared it with friends and family, and they do it, too.

It works! We finally figured out a way to keep our kids in bed longer giving them the chance to get enough sleep for their bodies and minds. It allows their bodies to sleep until it is time to wake up. After you determine an appropriate wake-up time, you need to practice that number with your kids. If you want them to get up at , show them the number 7. Show it to them on paper. Show it to them on their clock. Show it to them in books. Have them practice writing it. Here is what it looks like sorry that my time was when I took it. Show your kids when the number on the clock the hour matches the number on their paper, they can come out of bed.

Tip: If your child is going to share a room with another sibling, be sure that both children can see the clock from their beds. I do not let our kids get out of bed before , for safety reasons. I want them in their beds. I have read multiple studies suggesting that there are reasons that our bodies tend to wake us up, but often times our bodies get out of sync. I believe this to be true, as well. After we implemented the wake time and our children practiced it, they began sleeping later.

Now, when I am up in the morning and I check on them before am , they are all still sound asleep.

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You have to do this slowly. I would change the clock for this, too, so that at the real first few days their clock would say 7 or your goal hour. I would move it every few days over a few weeks until they were waking up at Just my two cents. When the light goes on, they can get out of bed. I am a teacher turned play therapist and stay at home Mom.

I love to share my organization tips, kid ideas, money-saving tips and recipes with you. It works really well for us without having to buy an expensive clock. Then we get cranky Andrea tired. They eat very good. They go to bed like clockwork. Any suggestions? Our kids tried this and I had to just say that it was the middle of the night. You could aim for to start. Something I taught my 2 yr old, was if the sun is asleep, she is asleep. So when she would wake while it was still dark, I would tell her the sun was still asleep so we had to go back to bed.

Eventually she picked up on this and now waits until the sun is up to get out of bed. Now she informs me in the morning that the sun woke up.

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So do we. I have a friend and her son wakes up at am every morning. So what does your friend do? Does she wake up feed her child and put him to sleep or keep him awake? It took 3 days, but worked. I am a mum of five kids. I understand the exhaustion and struggle of parents of early risers. My first son at 10months old, when I was already 4 months pregnant with son number 2, began to wake at 4. He was hungry but he could never go back to sleep. He was awake. We systematically tried later bed time he was going to bed at 6pm.

We tried 6. So I decided we would put him to bed at 4. It worked. Eventually we moved him to 5pm and he woke at 5am. Then we moved bedtime to 5. But he never slept past 5. No matter what we did. So we moved bed time back to 5. He has slept till 7am once in his life, when he was 11 years old, on morphine in hospital with a broken leg. He still sometimes wakes at 4. It has nearly killed me especially having 4 more kids but I have had to embrace it and I am happy to say there is an upside.

Besides the fact he wakes up happy and ready to go.

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At age 12 he arrives upstairs at 6. After eating he completes his chores, helps his siblings and plays games before scootering out the door at 8. On the weekends he is out the door by 7am to get in an early scooter ride before the day gets too hot or the crowds get too big at the skatepark. The most important but also the most difficult thing has been disciplining myself to be nice to him at 4. I have to admit some years I have been good at it and a lot of years I have sucked. Sometimes I got all my own work done before breakfast and got everyone out the door to do the grocery shopping before school or got to the beach for an early swim or scootered around the lake before the early morning crowd but other seasons I turned on the cartoons and just lay there comatose on the floor with my eyes open while they played loudly around me.

Thanks for writing this. Thankyou for your posts I feel so much better their are mummys in the same boat! As my son wakes at 4am everyday. What will be will be I will adjust my life accordingly x. My advice: sleep in the same room separate beds. Also being in the same room reduces anxiety and makes kids sleep better in general. Great tip!

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I think it makes them feel more grown up when they have a clock. It really empowers them and they feel like they are part of the system. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at True Aim! This was one of the most clicked ideas from last week. We bought one of those too — I wish I had just thought of the digital clock since it would have been cheaper, but the toddler clock has still been a life saver! My parents should have used that on me!

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I always woke up at 5 and ran around the house yelling at everyone to wake up… my poor family! Our problem is that our kids share rooms, and they keep each other awake.

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Whomever wakes up first wakes the other and they keep each other awake until time to come out of their rooms. No going back to sleep. They take turns. Our kids share a room, too, but the rule is that they are not allowed to talk until If they do, they lose TV for the day a punishment for them, as well as me, but it works. Thanks for the tip!! I literally just pi posted on my Facebook about what to do with kids getting up too early…my 3 year old has been getting up at !! As a PPD and sleep consultant, I will tell you that a likely reason for waking at 5 am is that they are going to bed too late.

Put them to bed earlier and they will often sleep later. I tried putting my 11 months baby to sleep earlier than 7pm so she could stop setting her alarm at every morning but it didnt work. She doesnt sleep that early. She was a great sleeper as a baby. At 6 months she started waking up at night a zillion times and woke up at am. At 9 months the night sleep got better. At 10 months she started waking up at or am every morning…full of energy…and is still doing it. I cant take it anymore. This is too early for all of us specially her 4 year old sister who shares her room.

What should I do????? Did you try waking her before you go to bed? Just stirring her? I wonder if that might help you?

Has it worked?! My 18 month old is waking every morning at 4.

My son is waking at 4am most mornings recently and I cannot keep him awake passed 7pm! His moods are at times unbareable because of how tired he is, especially after a big day at Kindy. Any suggestions?! Wow- I would really try to enforce the wake up because if he is in school, he needs hours of sleep. What we had to do with our 4 year old when we started this was continue to put him back to bed. I kid you not that it took me get ready over times to get him to stay in his bed.

I put him back like super nanny says without talking until he stayed in his bed. At I woke up and went into his room and woke him up and told him that he was allowed to wake up now. I did this for a few days until he understood that he had to stay in his bed until 7.

I hope this helps. Hey — this super nanny thing: did it cause distress? He is very distressed by it. He has been an awful sleeper since two months before weaning. Did you ever find something that works Amy? Therefore, she is a terrible sleeper and wakes everyday at 5am and is super grumpy.

My 3 year old normally sleeps from PM to 7 AM with a nap in the afternoon. I would try putting your child to bed very early — like or to make up for some of the lost sleep. What can you recomend me to Do? Honestly, I would make sure that she is not napping and then I would just keep her busy throughout the day and put her to bed around Fair warning. This book, all about bedtime reading, might actually be too funny to read at bedtime.

So she interrupts and interrupts and interrupts — all in an attempt to rewrite her favorite stories. Want to give a group of kids the giggles? Tell them to be quiet and then just wait. Your kids will ask you to read this one again and again. Even the title of this one is enough to get you chuckling always a good sign. On the other hand, anxious-insecure children become upset before the caregiver leaves and clingy when they come back. This applies to children who are physically and emotionally abused. Securely attached kids may feel sad when their parents leave, but are able to remain comforted by other caregivers.

As the grow up, securely attached children rely on relationships with parents, teachers, and friends for guidance. For example, adults whose parents cared for their safety needs by providing food and shelter but neglected their emotional needs are more likely to develop an anxious-avoidant attachment style.

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Anxious-insecure adults may fear abandonment, making them hypersensitive to rejection. By the time kids reach first or second grade , they begin to separate from primary caregivers by making friends of their own. They also start to long for peer acceptance and are better equipped to talk about their feelings. When my daughter was 7 years old, she was able to verbalize her desire to find a good friend. She also began putting concepts together as a way to express her feelings. Seven-year-olds can also make deeper meaning of the information that surrounds them. They may be able to talk in metaphor, reflecting an ability to think more broadly.