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Decades after computers which make the whole concept possible became commonplace, in fact. Back then, Nasdaq allowed pre-marketing trading to occur at 7 a. Eastern time.

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In March , it shifted the start time back three hours, in a belated catch-up to the New York Stock Exchange, which had set a pre-market start time of 4 a. Extended-hours trading had always been practiced by institutional investors and very high-net-worth individual investors who were major market players.

With the advent of the pre-market, buyers and sellers of all sorts can now conduct trades in a larger timeframe. Pre-market trading hours are from a. Market hours are from a. After-market hours are from p.

4 A.M. Until 4 P.M.

The difference between pre-market trading and its standard-hours sibling is one of a kind, not merely of degree. There are fewer participants in the stock exchange during pre-market hours, meaning that securities become less liquid. Attempt to buy or sell stock at 5 a. With less liquidity comes greater volatility. Spreads between bid and ask prices expand during the pre-market hours, and often swing widely. Sometimes it can even be difficult to get an accurate quote, as even the best of Electronic Communication Networks ECNs can register reporting delays.

The main benefit of having pre-market trading power is the ability to immediately act in response to news items, such as corporate earnings reports and government economic data announcements. Ever wondered why such news is so often released at the crack of dawn? It's to delay and dampen the effect on the stock market when it opens at a. Unfortunately, you're not the only person to have thought of this. Individual investors are outnumbered and outhustled even more starkly during pre-market than during regular business hours.

Charles Schwab Corp. SCHW , for instance, will let you place orders pretty much all day and all night long. There are other differences, too. Transaction fees are often higher. Also, for the most part, brokerage houses will allow you to make only plain old limit orders during pre-market. If you want to execute a market order i.

The number of shares per order is usually restricted, as well. TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. The brokerage houses remind you that quotes might be delayed. Furthermore, your order might not even be executed. You got out of bed early for nothing. On balance, at least for the individual investor, the disadvantages of pre-market trading appear to outweigh any benefits.

Extended-hours activity is affected greatly by doings outside of the market itself. Hi Norah, Can you upload a sample file on our forum create a new topic? Time formats are tricky, I cannot see if your data is in decimal format or in time format. A sample file will answer many questions, see you on forum. We have staff on awards so standard rate between am to PM, the first two hours either before or after are calculated at 1. Not sure how to get excel to calculate other than the total of hours worked each day. Hoping you might be able to help.

If this is not what you wanted, feel free to upload a sample file with details on our forum. The answer is obvious, 5 hours and 15 minutes. I understand there is no. Is there a way to make the regular breakdown equal to the military time in the format? Hi Nancy, Please upload a sample file with your time examples on our forum open a new topic , we will gladly help you.

Can I do that with excel? Thanks in advance. The cell where you put this formula must have this custom format: [h]:mm, the result is 79 hours and 14 minutes is the difference. Hi Delly, Please upload a sample file to our Forum , date can be tricky and we need to see the data to help you, there may be values in different formats that can create errors.

I have schedule my some trips with minutes of travel time when in actually it took thirteen minutes and 28 seconds I am looking for a formula to difference between my scheduled and actual travel time in minutes. Can there be actual times lower than the estimated time? I would like to know the formula for a time sheet an employee worked. Is it possible to auto-calculate from a paste-source for a specific time an employee worked?

From to then the employee time out for lunch then time in at the afternoon at and Please can you help me with calculating the time elapsed from PM to AM. The result is in decimal system, the cell with this formula should be formatted as number, not as time. Hi Babu, Please open a new ticket on our Help Desk , to upload a file with your sample data, I have to see it to understand what happens there, there may be wrong data types.

I have really liked your explanation but I have failed to connect it to the problem above, so please help me to solve it. A hour-dial clock happens to gain 0. After setting the clock to the correct time at noon, how many days must one wait until it again indicates the correct time. Please your help will be appreciated. You can try posting the problem on our Forum , hope someone takes your challenge.

We have an OffTime system. How can I make the excel sheet calculate for me what time I need to leave to have finished those eight hours and a half? Hi Nadja, Please open a new ticket and upload a sample file on our Forum , it will be easier to understand your situation and help you. There can be many time formats used, hard to tell without seeing what you are using. Thanks for understanding Catalin. Hi can you please help me deduct 30 minutes a day for lunch?

I am trying to break down login times for a day in hourly increments for a work day that can vary from 4 to 12 hours that will not calculate more time than the log out time. I have a grid that needs to show the time the employee was available in hourly increments that can max out at 12 hours longest day possible that will not calculate more time than worked that day. Hi Maurice, Can you please upload a sample file on our Forum? It will be great if you can provide an example of manual results, it will help us understand exactly your situation.

Thanks Catalin. Your presentations prove you can still teach an old dog new tricks. I need to figure how many working hours that will be. Excluding weekends Fri, Sat, Sun. Our working hours are am to pm. Hi Daniel, Can you please upload a sample file with a sample of your data structure? It will be a lot easier to work on your data formats.

Here is a link to our new forum, where you can start your own topic: excel-forum Thanks for understanding, Catalin. I would like to see if you would be able to do a worksheet where I could fill in the time am and what I need would appear. For example:. In this case it would be am , am, am, and am.

In a nutshell, I am looking to type in one time example am and everything else to be filled out with the corresponding times but indicating am or pm. Please post your question in our Excel Forum. Is there a way to change a time range to military time? What is Please help. Thankyou Sincerely yours Jennifer Jones. I am trying to make my own time sheet. I used to work from am to pm. Now I start work at pm and end at am. Hi, Check first if the difference is a negative value, excel cannot handle negative time values. This list is written inside the formula, but you can use a lookup table, if there are too many values.

I work multiple events that have different start times and my staff members about staff members check in at different times before the event. Hi Danielle, Can you please prepare a sample file and upload it to our Help Desk? In excel I have a start time in a1 cell as am and an end time of pm in a2. Using the Mail Merge wizard? Or just a copy paste in word? Hi Vikki, Can you please upload a sample file to see what you really have there?

Hi Vikki, Use the same format I already sent in the previous message, the date formats are the same in word and excel: [h]:mm Catalin. What was your question? Maybe if we knew what you were trying to do we could give you a straight forward answer. Hi Deb, I noticed that you changed the data format from your last message, the old format was better. Format cell C1 as [m]. The result will be minutes Any other format used will need other formulas to calculate the time difference, more complex. The clock in and out times for lunch are not rounded times.

Ok, My employer pays its employees for all hours worked. We clock-in at pm and clock-out at am. Breaks and lunches paid. I hope this makes sense.. Thanks Deb. Hi Deb, The custom format should me [m], not [mm]. I am trying to write a performance sheet that you can enter a number in a cell which will represent a time value.

So 5 may represent 5 30 minute session, the next cell may have 3 and that would be 3 45 minute sessions. Hi Pat, You can setup a lookup table, with 2 columns, in first column you should have 5, 3, and all other numbers, and in the next column the coresponding time durations for each number. Hi, I am trying to calculate the number of hours of employees worked where time in and time out is in text format like 7A-7P and 7P-7A.

Worked example 4: Converting between the 12-hour and 24-hour time formats

The 7P-7A is to be split into starting day hours and ending day hours. If the difference is negative, you should add 12 hours to the absolute difference to get the correct result. If b2 is finish time and a2 is start time. If the amount of hours worked is over 6 hours, i want 30 minutes deducted for lunch. If it is 6 hours or under, just the actual hours worked. How do you calculate the 2 shifts worked? If this is the way the data is entered, then it will be a nightmare to split those entries to recreate a time value and make the calculations.

If you are using normal date-time values in different cells, then the calculation is simple, just deduct the cells and the lunch time for the second shift, which should be this: 0. They are bus drivers that have a midday run which is min. Hi Frankie, Can you please prepare a sample wotkbook with your data structure? It will be easier to understand your situation and to provide a personalized answer. You can create a new ticket on our Help Desk. I am trying to figure out a formula to distinguish hours worked for military time without getting a negative answer.

Say the employee started at on February 8, and ends at AM February 9, I am usually pretty good at figuring things out in Excel. But I am stumped with this one. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. All cells are formatted as time, not as normal decimal format, half hour should be typed as in C2, not 0. If you need more help, you can open a new ticket on our Help Desk , with a sample file attached, it will be easier to work with your data. You have to decide what the result should be when there is no Lunch Time in C2, maybe there are employees on a diet :.

In this case, the formula provided will result in , not only 8 hours. You can try this version, in this case, if lunch time is 0, the result will be , not Great work! I have been looking at several sites for something that helps me calculating work times in hours and minutes. You are the first to show how simple it is by using the correct cell format. Many thanks! Now I trying to calculate flextime which works fine as long as it is a positive result, but when it is a negative result I get the error. What cell format or formula should I use?

I use the cell format [t]:mm for all fields. The problem is the average cell is showing PM for times that are all AM and vice versa. Hi Wesley, Can you please upload a sample file with your data structure on our Help Desk? It will be easier to provide a personalized answer. There is no obvious reason for a wrong answer, it may be a data type problem. Hi , Please can you help me. I need to calculate the age of invoices , from todays day. Hi Juanita, The result should be in days , months or in years? You can take a look at this tutorial, you will find the answer here.

Thank you for your support and concern, hope that I can get the format of it. Hours are displayed from 1 to 24, 2 PM will be in military format, or in normal 24 hours format , PM will be in 24 hours format the only difference between military and 24 hours format is that they do not use the colon to separate hours from minutes. Hi Srinath, You can find code and examples on this page: convert-numbers-currency-to-words-with-excel-vba Catalin.

I want to be able to put in a time that I want the dough ready and have the spreadsheet calculate when to mix the dough. The variables are the fermentation time can change based on the dough type and sometimes a starter is added which can add 18 hours to the total time. Fermentation times are usually 24 or 48 hours. So say for example I want the dough ready to use on a Friday at 4 pm. I need 48 hours fermentation and 18 hours for the starter.

Time Starter time Start Ferm. Not sure I quite understand what to do….. Hi Kevin, Try this file from our OneDrive folder. It should be more clear.

Hi, I am trying to find a way to build a worksheet to do subtraction of hours and minutes. I have large numbers Example 12, and want to subtract 3, from it. There are also times I will need to add similar figures. I would like to do this in excel for several reasons, for one I need to process multiple subtractions from the first number, and I would also like to be able to print the results at times. I have Excel , but none of my research has led to a workable solution. Any advice you can offer would be very much appreciated.

A name can appear multiple times within an hour 1st , 2nd , 3rd I then need to look for the last filled time say Once that is determined, I need to subtract the last filled time from the 1st start time to determine the total amount of time the person spent working in the 9 O Clock hour. I cannot do it individually because I would be double counting time. Not sure if i understood right the requirements, the first part of the formula LOOKUP is extracting the last fill time in that hour for that person, and the second part, with index match, will extract the first start time in that hour for that person.

The formula is in F7 in the file attached. Thank you for your help. This looks like it might help. I will continue to play around with the formula. One last question, if i am trying to find the difference between two times but want to keep it in the answer in a general format cell how would i do that? It seems that it always wants to default back to h:mm.

Hi Jim, If you format the cell as Number, it should stay that way if you are not reediting the formula cell. Keep in mind that the result of the formula is a text string, not a number, if you want to use it in other calculations. I am doing an electronic patient log. I am trying to use it to help me with statistical information. It is filling in other forms in real time. Hi Kerri, Please prepare a sample file with your data structure and open a new ticket on Help Desk , it will be easier to help you with a personalized solution based on your layout.

The rowsource is a simple list on an excel sheet from pm to am. Funny thing happens when user selects pm on the list, the box value becomes am. Also when the user selects pm, the value shown in the box becomes am. Why is this? Should it be [h]:mm? Hi Kris, Can we take a look at your file? You can upload the file on our Help Desk open a new ticket Cheers, Catalin. The totals do not add up correctly with the same format.

I have attempted all other formats available with no success. Is the a different format or a separate calculation that needs to be used? Time is of the essence no pun intended. Please advise. All available format codes give wrong answers. Please advise, Thank you. Hi Darren, Please upload a sample file on our Help Desk open a new ticket , it will be easier to help you with a personalized solution to your problem.

Hi Imane, An integer can hold values up to , this is the source of error. If the command button is the same always, you have to store the value of the NOW function, to be able to deduct it next time you click. You can use a tag property to store it:. Upload a sample file with your code on Help Desk open a new ticket Cheers, Catalin. For example I would need it to work out — The data is —. What I want to know is how do i make excel calculate for me if I just enter the Length of greyhound and excel gives me the time allowance. Example —. This will give you.

Just remember this is a decimal representation of time. Basically I have entered into Column A all the lengths. I got another question, If I enter all my data into excel, can i set excel to do the same calculation automatically? Why would you divide 0. I thougt you wanted length divided by time to give time per length? Hi, I am trying to do an ongoing more than 7 days timesheet in Excel on Window2s I then add these summed hours in an autosum — SUM E3:E12 which also gives the correct number of added hours.

I can determine this by typing the calculated numbers into another cell as Any idea what is going wrong? Hi, I do a training session where 1 minute is equal to one day, 5 minutes equal to a work week. We neglect weekends. Hi Chris, Date and times are special in excel. You should refer to the value of the cell.

To see the real value behind the time format, format the cell as Number, not time. Now you can use that value in your formulas. I need to set up a timesheet for employees who work 24 hour shifts. Example am to 7:am the following day. No lunch breaks. Is there a way to do this. Hi Pranay, You can take a look at these tutorials: excel-time-calculation-tricks excel-time-calculation-tricks In the second link you will learn the difference between decimal and sexagesimal time. How can you get an average of lap times. For example, I am running 8 laps of the field and time each lap. I then want to find my average lap time.

I have tried the custom format but it automatically creates a clock time — AM or PM. Hi Alison, please upload a sample file on our Help Desk , it will be easier to provide a personalized soluton for you. Hi Shalaka, Please upload a sample file on our Help Desk system, or email the sample file to me at catalin myonlinetraininghub. I am trying to do an automatic sprinkler schedule. I have 24 zones, Run Time, and Start time. Zone 1 starts at 6 pm and runs for 20 minutes, which makes zone 2 start at I want the start time to change based on how many minutes I enter as Run Time.

So if I typed in 25 minutes in zone 2, it would make zone 3 start time Thanks for your help. The formula will convert the number of minutes typed in decimal system to time system. I would like to calculate the difference between total hours worked and total hours paid. Say I have When you enter time like this If you want 26 hours and 10 minutes then you must enter time as Likewise for 32hours, it must be entered as Then you can use your formula and the result will be My excel will not calculate this. Can some one possibly help me with the formula.

I need to calculate hours and minutes of two given time ranges i. Ideally this should return hours. What formula can be used if for example. The result will be 84, this cell must be formatted as number, not time format. I have a list of tasks with duration times. Each task must be done in order with the start time of task 2 equal to the finish time of task 1 and so on. I would like to calculate the finish times of each task in the list but take into account the work schedule.

A task cannot complete outside of the standard scheduled work hours. Use our Help Desk system. This is were I run into problems. Can you help? Hi I am working with excel I have gotten the spread sheet to do as required up to a point.. And the sum? Thanks bob. Thanks for understanding, Catalin.

That is great to know, since I have to do exactly that to pay someone. It would have been nice to have the example include the pay rate and total pay. However two minor things were left out that would have helped: 1. You have to enter the PM time as 24 hour clock or else you will get AM 2. If you compute the pay, which is the reason for all the work above , you must multiply the hours X pay-rate X However, some days there is no lunch taken, and other days the time out is the next day; e. What am I doing wrong? Please note: all of the formatting should be as shown above.

Hi Vanessa, You can add a new check to your calculation, to calculate the second IF only when column E is higher than The complete worksheet is below and may better explain. As you can see, Rows 4,5,7 and 8 still do not calculate properly:. Unfortunately the format requirement is pretty rigid. Change this format as needed. Hi, how do i get the total to show as a fraction i. HI I am calculating schedule maintenance and have worked out the hours per task, but now need to break into one working day, cannot find anything to help with this and as there is thousands of activities and does take huge amount of time to do manualy?

Hi Maureen, Please send us a sample file with your calculations and details on what you are trying to achieve, a manual example of expected result will be very helpful for us to understand exactly what you need. Use our Help Desk to upload the file. HI Catalin I emailed you the file few weeks ago, just wondering how you were going with a solution? Hi Maureen, Seems that you did not used our Help Desk system to upload your file, as adviced. You have a reply by email. Is this what you wanted? Monday employee was late by 8 minutes 7.

Hi Robin, Now i understand where the error comes from. Excel works by default in decimal system. The date system used in excel is considering a day as beeing 1 unit. The system is described in this article, right from the beginning: Times are seen as decimal fractions. There is a huge difference between and 7. But 7. Times under 24 hours cannot be over the value for 1 day which is 1, of course. You should learn these things, and you will never have problems again with times.

Try this: instead of typing 8, 8, 8, 7. Format column A as time, and column B as number. You should have now in column B these numbers: 0. Format this cell as [h]:mm and you will see for the value 1. Can you explain why should Hello How about lateness or early quits.

For the week the total using excel is How do I convert this time to 39 hours and 39 minutes. Hi Robin, To convert For other question, you better open a ticket on our Help Desk system, if you still need an answer. Hi can you tell me why is it when I put down 4pm start and 1am finish night shit it calulates the wrong hours? Time in Excel can be tricky. Hi, you said Overtime is going to be in another lesson, did you post this already? Here is my question. Thank of you I figured out how to sum the working hrs of the days minus the breaks.

Am I working on the right direction? Thank you a lot for your help!!! I figure out a way to do it. Well done finding a solution. When you are working with time in Excel you must convert it to the decimal equivalent in order to make comparisons, or put the time in another cell as you have done. This tutorial here might help you understand how time is actually handled in the background in Excel, i. I would like to create a time sheet that deduct lunch breaks. We work 40hrs each a week and take 1hr lunch break. My company pay for 30mins. So I would like for the hour lunch break to be deducted for 30mins so our sheets could equal 8 hours a day.

Hi Monique, Please prepare a sample file with your calculations, an example of manual calculations will be a great help to understand your situation. Use our Help Desk to upload that file. For instance todays low tide times are 5. This has a major impact on our available working times on site and being able to program resources to carry out the works.

Hi Mark, Please prepare a sample file with your calculations, an example of manual calculations will be a great help to understand your situation. Very nice page. It took a while to search for the answer on how to add and calculate hours. The brackets worked. I would have never figured that out on my own. Thank you. Something like that but this 1 is on cell F2. However, I might have done it incorrectly. I need one column with it broken down into days, one in hours and one in minutes. Please use our Help Desk to upload a sample file. Is this what you were trying to do?

Hi Bharathi, Try this file from our OneDrive , we had this similar question in this tutorial: Time Calculation tricks. Can you tell me if there is a formular to convert a single column in Excel from Eastern Standard Time to Military Time, example PM to convert to So, I have an excel spreadsheet for timekeeping that the users key in integers for their hours.

Example 6. Is there a formula for converting entered integer data into the the time format without having to create additional fields? User keys in 8 and spreadsheet converts to or 6. Here is an example file with the Data Validation in cell F6. I have a workbook with several pages in it. Each page tracks time invested on behalf of a different client. My summary page summarizes time invested by client and looks like this: Client A 4 Client B 2 Client c 4 Client D 0 I want to calculate actual working days 8 hour days by multiplying the 11 by 3 33 work days.

I should do the same with the hours if over 8 19 hours is 2 days plus 3 hours. Perhaps I need to convert to text and then convert back to a number to do the calcs. Is there an easier way? Hi Michael, Can you please upload a sample of your calculations with details on what are you trying to do? It will be a lot easier to understand and work on your data structure. You can use our Help Desk Thanks for understanding. I have no problem calculating day or night hours so long as they are in the same day.

However, how many hours are there between PM and AM of the following morning? From PM to midnight is 7 hours, and from midnight to AM is 7 hours, so the correct answer should be 14 hours. However, when I then add that to the number of hours worked so far I get the answer , which of course is incorrect. What I have had to do, is manually change the total cell to Hi Dwight, Please upload a sample file with your calculations, it will be easier to understand the situation.

If you format those CD96 cells as numbers, not date or time format, which are the numbers shown? You can use our Help Desk to upload a file. I added 35 hrs hard coded value and with the correct cell format [u]:mm , I got the right answer Would you teach us the trick of adding or subtracting time — such as in cell phone mapping the time of the call may be recorded in a different time zone, so we have to add or subtract an hour or two from a static time stamp, depending on daylight savings time.

Thank you!! If you get stuck it would be best to send us an example Excel file via our Help Desk so we can give you a custom solution. I can add task and the cell that has time in will show how long it will be in time. You can then add the task duration to the start of the day fixed cell using a simple formula e. You must enter it as a time value i. Likewise for the task durations. I hope that helps. I just wanted to be able to enter a daily start time in one field and an end time in another using a 24 hour format to derive the total time hours and tenths of a minute hour.

Example: Start Time and end time ; total time being 5 hours 20 minutes and the number in the cell should be 5. I have Numerous columns : A: B: I then have columns to the right of this starting from C-N , , , ,, ,,, I would like to input the A and B figure and conditional format the rest of the columns to the right to colour in the times columns that are Hi Marlene, You can try this sample file created on our OneDrive folder. It was exactly what I was looking for. How to add hours beyond ? I can now make my flying logbook work properly. I will be back. You can add hours past wit a regular formula, the only difference is you need to format the cell with this number format:.

I would like to request simple computation on how to get late, tardiness and undertime computation. You can check this tutorial, it might be useful for you: calculate-elapsed-days-hours-and-minutes-in-excel Catalin. Arrive time , Depart time When I report the time I truncate the seconds. If the minute in the arrive time is the same minute in the depart time, I only report the departure time.

The arrive time in this case is left blank in the arrive time cell. What if the hour is different, but the minute is the same? Thur Fri. Total ? When you use the TEXT function you convert the numbers into text. What do I do if I have employees whose rates increase by a half on peak hours. All I have in terms of input is when they started to work and when they ended work. Hi Gui, You can view the sample file created for your problem on One Drive: Excel Online The formula is not tested for many scenarios, please test it and let us know what do you think.

As you are a Free member you will receive our weekly newsletter with more useful tips like this. Of course you can go through the free training videos and read all our blog posts to pick up new things. We have three different shifts. Then I add up the hours vertically to get my total hours. Hi Frances, Please upload a sample of your data structure, there can be thousand templates for this type of calculations, there is no unique formula for all.

You can use our to upload a sample workbook. Kind of overtime that can be done between to and to Now the actual excel sheet has Start and Finishes times only for each day, Monday to Friday. Is there a formula that I can use without the need to add any more columns?? Thank you, Catalin. Hi i need to calculate standing times for machinery that are used on three shifts per day.

You can see a solution to this here under the heading:. We have 3 shifts , , and How can I add these cells up as a 0. Hi Dave, Can you please upload that example on Help Desk? I am trying to make my spreadsheet give me total time by which a job is overdue or missed. The problem is I need to subtract the times from different days…. That decimal fraction of 1 day, 0. If you multiply 2. If this is not what you needed, please upload a sample workbook with your calculation and details on what are you trying to do.

After downloading I wanted to sum the time entries. Is this something you could look at and let me know how to accomplish the task? It may be that the data you have downloaded is formatted as text and not a number.


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This is a common problem when importing data from external systems. Excel cannot sum text so you will need to convert it to numbers first. In a blank column beside the numbers you want to convert simply enter:. Then copy down column. You can send it to us via the Help Desk.

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Example : 1. I work with a spreadsheet that is an agenda with start times for each segment of an event. Sometimes I need to change the start time of the event or the length or placement of a segment within the event. That then changes the start times for everything following that changed segment. Hi Rebecca, Can you upload a sample workbook with your data? If you change the start date, it can be done with simple formulas, but if you change intermediary times, depending to the functionality you need, you may need a macro to do it.

For now, best thing to do is to show us your data structure, with as many details you can share. You can read more on how Excel handles dates and time here. I have a column of time each operator was logged on for the month and need to get an average for the center.

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How would I go about calculating the average? Thanks Example: Just make sure that your cell is formatted with the custom number format [h]:mm:ss. I figured it out. I had imported the data from a reporting system into Excel and though I had formatted with the custom number format, when I either added the column or averaged it, it would return with I found a post where you need to highlight the column, select Data, Delimited and enter.

The formula then works just fine. Oh, good. Cause I was going to say it worked just fine for me when I copied it into Excel from your comment. Glad you figured it out. Dear Mynda I worked with the sample given in your Time X example. The first column I need to identify the start time and finish time of a shift that may span midnight in a series of clockings. From the table above you can see that the shift starts at and ends at the next morning.

I need to identify these two times in two cells such as shift start time and shift end time. Here is a tutorial that deals with calculating shift workers time sheets that straddle two days. If it is there, I apologize for the duplicate message. I understand how to calculate time, but I cannot figure out how to have a manually entered number of hours added to a calculated number of hours. For instance, and employee works from — Simple enough. However, we ask that our employees indicate their travel time separately.

So, if cell A1 is , cell B1 is , cell C1 is the formula calculating the total hours worked B1-A1 of 8 hours. Cell D1 would be 1 for illustration purposes representing 1 hour of travel time. Therefore, what formula is necessary in cell E1 adding the 8 hours worked found in cell C1 with the 1 hour of travel time manually entered in cell D1 to illustrate 9 hours total? I need your help. Anything below 5. I have a start time D1 and end time E1. I was hoping to write some kind of IF statement that would automatically calcuate what time I had to subtract from the hours worked based on total hours.

Based on your times being represented in decimal format, not time format. Here is my question: I need to be able to roundup and round down in the same cell. For instance the spreadsheet I am using is for tracking billable time. I'm assuming that after the first 30 minutes you bill in 30 minute increments after the time becomes billable. I have made a timesheet that states employees start and finish times, and calculates the hours they have worked for the the day, week and month and also shows any accrued hours, however, if the employees do not work the full daily hours, this is not accounted for in the accrued hours.

There is a tutorial here on converting time to decimals for the purpose of calculating wages. It calculates the time correctly all through the day, however when I change the Regional setting of the computer to 24hr format, the formula only works until midday, then when the end time is after midday it displays VALUE!. If I change it back to 12 hour format, it works again!

I would like it to work regardless of what setting the user has set on their computer. Do you have any ideas? Have you tried to enter the time in a 24hr format irrespective of which time format the computer uses? I just hit a button and the VBA code uses the Now function to get the date and time and inserts it into the cell. I thought you meant you fixed it by doing this, but now I realise the VBA was the culprit.

Well done. All events will be within a total of 10 hours elapsed time during a single day. Using as the zero hour for example: Step 1 must begin six hours prior, at Step 2 must begin 2 hours 45 minutes prior, at Thanks in advance! If you get stuck please send me the workbook via the help desk and tell me what you want to calculate and where. I have created a worksheet for different tasks I perform while at work. When I try to add those results, I only ever get Is there something in the fact that my time amount column is a result of a formula?

I cannot get that column to sum up at all. Any help you have is greatly appreciated. When you use the TEXT function you are converting the data in the cell to text. I am trying to automate a time sheet to have a check figure so the beginning and end time I enter will tell me if the detail of time in columns to the left will match. I have Time arrive and Time Departed expressed as clock time. I have tried all my tricks and I am getting inconsistent results. Is there a webpage you might know of that can explain this specifically?

I would appreciate any help provided. Hi Mynda, I am trying to set up columns which will add days and weeks to days and weeks. Eg if a baby is born at 36w 3d gestation and is now 4 days old, what is its corrected gestation? It is 37 weeks obviously , but I need it to calculate this automatically. This involves the INT function which isolates whole number from decimals. This can be shown in the weeks part computation in the formula above. In the second part, we use the same result of the INT Function this time in getting the equivalent days in a whole week by multiplying it by 7 and deducting it from the the total days of age and gestation.

Hi Carlo, these formulae are working really well for calculations where there are values entered in the cells as above. I need these cells to stay blank when there are no patient details entered in them. I have tried conditional formatting, but that ends up displaying values I dont want, and not displaying values I do want.

How do I fiddle with the formula to only show values when there is data entered in the required cells? You can prefix the formula with an IF function that tests to see if A2 is blank, if it is do nothing, otherwise perform the calculation. Hello, I am trying to calculate the difference in time between hours which are scheduled vs actual hours worked to show me ONLY when they are in late or out early.

The cells are formated correclty. It is also possible that the Actual Start and End time cells would be blank. Instead I recommend you use this formula:. This will show any time left early as a positive number. So using your figures it will show that this employee left 1 hr 2 minutes early. If you want to hide results where the actual start and finish time is not entered you can use this formula which checks if the finish time is blank and if so enters nothing, otherwise it calculates:.

Anyway, whatever your formula is in arriving at 12 just divide it by and then format the cell as time format hh:mm:ss or something like it. I will surely seek your help if I get stuck with anymore problems…. How do I get 0. I need it to show in hours and minutes. I have number like 1. Im working on a schedule for work and need to calculate how many employees we have at a certain time. I have the hours aranged in colums.

Id like to see if I can get a formula to calculate how may employees come in before a certain time. How many stay untill a certain time. This post involves purely time format: Excel Time Calculation Tips Please read particularly how to compute shifts. For Example: 45 Hourse and 40 Minutes 2 Hours above 24 to be included in the words. I am trying to calculate the lead time of many small projects. I use the formula below that take in consideration the working days and the working hours. Each project has a different lead time.

It could be 3 hours like 4 days. I would like to subtract the lunch time to of the answer when it is needed. The answer should be 18,5 hrs.

When I Work Help Center

This is definitely better than even Chandoo! I process documents in batches and record the page count and for every such batch have also calculated the time taken end time minus start time.

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But the problem arises when I try to calculate how much time does it take me to process one single page from a batch. You should be able to calculate the processing time per page by dividing the time by the page count. We have statistical data regarding times of sunset and sunrise which we need to calculate various points in the day. We receive this document in the form of an excel sheet. Is it possible to input time and date eg in cell B,1 whenever there is a number or words was being input into cell A, 1?

I need to calculate the working time between two dates e.